Collection: The 'Ready Steady Go!' Collection

Some of us are old enough to remember that electrifying catchphrase,

‘The Weekend Starts Here!’

AGRO! are delighted to bring that same excitement to your wardrobe with our SS2024 collection, inspired by the iconic '60s TV show, Ready, Steady, Go! hosted by Cathy McGowan & Keith Fordyce.

Think back to the era that transformed style - the 1960s. We have channelled that revolutionary spirit into our signature Beagle button-down collar, short-sleeved shirts.

Here is the lineup that is going to redefine your SS24 wardrobe & beyond:

Ready (Red): More than just a colour, it is a statement. Bold, vibrant, and unapologetically you!

Steady (Yellow): Brighten up your day (and everyone else's) with a splash of sun-kissed yellow.

Go! (Green): Embrace the new season with a fresh, verdant hue that is all about renewal and energy.

The 'Ready Steady Go!' Collection