Collection: Original SoulBoys

Original SoulBoys or OSB for aficionados of rare soul, ska, rocksteady & reggae presenting original vinyl, publications, and memorabilia that capture the essence of the revolutionary music scene from the mid-60s to date. Reflecting the vibrant rhythms and soulful beats of iconic venues like the 100 Club 6Ts All-niters, Top Dog Soul Club at Stafford TOTW, SoulTown Soul Club, Scorcher, and the Bristol Reggae Weekender, OSB is a homage to the progressive spirit of these legendary clubs. It's a brand that aligns with the distinct subcultures of Modernists, Hard Mods, Skinheads, Suedeheads, and SoulBoys—groups celebrated for their impeccable style, clean-cut lines, and meticulous attention to detail, mirroring the depth and authenticity of our chosen music.
Original SoulBoys